Update: Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued. We are now working on DisGoodLife, a platform for relationship advice.


Private and simple bookmarking bot. Cross-platform and cross-device.

MarkIt! is a personal bookmarking bot for people who like privacy and simplicity.

It is a free-to-use Telegram bot with no ads.

Store and retrieve bookmarks easily on both mobile and desktop. There is no need to install a separate bookmarking app.

Start Bookmarking (leads to Telegram chat)

Saving bookmarks

Option 1: Copy and paste the link into the Telegram chat with MarkIt!

Save Bookmarks

Option 2 (on mobile): Share to Telegram chat with MarkIt!

Share via Telegram Select MarkIt chat

Searching bookmarks

Search Bookmarks

Deleting bookmarks

Delete Bookmarks

Sharing bookmarks with your friends

Share Bookmarks

Sorting into categories - Coming Soon!

Use MarkIt! today

Start Bookmarking (leads to Telegram chat)

For further comments and queries, please contact sayhello@markitbot.com

For more details on why we built this bookmarking tool, please go to our blog.